Quality Guarantee


Excelware manufactures or approves every component within a Cabling Sciences System and fully underwrites them. More importantly, Excelware accepts full responsibility for the system performance throughout the life of the guarantee.

All Inclusive for 25 Year Cabling Guarantee on UTP Cables

To eliminate any confusion over who is responsible for ensuring that the system continually provides the same level of performance as originally specified, Excelware or the installer, test and fully document every link and channel within the system. Excelware then reviews all of the test documentation, before issuing the the 25 Year Performance Guarantee.

This ensures that every end user/client receives the same level of guarantee, no matter which consultant or approved system integrator is involved in the design, specification and installation of a Cabling Sciences System.

Only if Excelware installation or maintenance guidelines have not been adhered to, will Excelware charge for any future inspection and repair of a Cabling Sciences System.

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